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​Cihat Şen, ​Nicola Volpe

Cecilia Villalain, Daniel Rolnik, M. Mar Gil

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Murat Yayla

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PP-037 Yogic healing: a complementary biofield therapy for children with behavioral challenges and support for parents - a case series

Bharathi A, Saraswathi K Hegde, Nisarg Aravindan, Sharath Kote GS

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PP-037 Yogic healing: a complementary biofield therapy for children with behavioral challenges and support for parents - a case series. Perinatal Journal 2024;32(2024):30-31 DOI: 10.59215/prn.24.032supp037

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Bharathi A1,
Saraswathi K Hegde2,
Nisarg Aravindan2,
Sharath Kote GS2

  1. Unnathi Healing Foundation, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, India Research department Bangalore, India
  2. Unnathi Healing Foundation, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, India Research Department Bangalore, India

Bharathi A, Unnathi Healing Foundation, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, India Research department Bangalore, India, [email protected]

Publication History

Manuscript Received: May 01, 2024

Manuscript Accepted: May 01, 2024

Publication date: May 18, 2024

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No conflicts declared.

Behavioural problems are prevalent among children, particularly those with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism/ASD and ADHD.
The prevalence rates for behavioural disorders (45.6%), Autism spectrum (1 in 100), and Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (5 %) are significant, necessitating prolonged treatment and specialized care. Symptoms range from hyperactivity and impulsivity to developmental delays, speech abnormalities, repetitive movements, sensory changes, and emotional difficulties, including aggression and socialization issues.
Managing such children requires extensive training for parents. In this case series, we explore the efficacy of Yogic healing, a panchakosha-based energy Biofield therapy (a non-touch, drug-free approach), as a complementary treatment for children with behavioural issues. Additionally, we examine its role in providing support to the parents of these children.
Children with behavioural issues received thrice-weekly Yogic healing sessions, focusing on different layers of their being. This included specific exercises and dietary changes for the physical body (Annamayakosha), energy modulation for the aura and chakras (Pranamayakosha), and specific mental techniques with maternal emotional support (Manomayakosha). Supervised activities were conducted by healers and mothers were guided in practicing karma healing to address other higher koshas. Personalized counselling was provided to parents to alleviate anxiety and stress. Standard medical care and behavioural therapies were continued alongside Yogic healing.
The study involved 7 male children (aged 4-14), 3 with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and 4 with Autism, most showing overlapping symptoms. Five cases were post-COVID, 2 pre-COVID. Among cases, 3 were only children, 4 had siblings (first child affected in 3 cases and 2nd child in one case). 5 vaginal deliveries, 2 C-sections. 1 experienced birth asphyxia, 1 neonatal seizure. Except for one case with paternal aggression, no family history was noted. Therapy lasted for 3 to 6 months to a year. Parental acceptance and support improved significantly. Most mothers learned Yogic healing, except in one case with high parental expectations. Improvements were observed in all cases, with a 50% reduction in hyperactivity within 2-3 weeks. Eye contact, ability to follow instructions, writing skills, and speech improved by about 50% in all 4 cases. Better emotional control was noted in all cases. (Table 1)
Yogic healing, a non-touch, drug-free therapy, emerges as a potent complementary approach for children with behavioural issues enhancing their response to other treatments and daily functioning. It also empowers parents by providing them with tools to manage stress and effectively support their children at different life stages.

Yogic healing, biofield therapy, behavioral problems, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, energy healing, complimentary therapy

Table 1
Case series outcome