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​Cihat Şen, ​Nicola Volpe

Cecilia Villalain, Daniel Rolnik, M. Mar Gil

Managing Editors
Murat Yayla

Statistics Editor
Resul Arısoy

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Editors’ message. Perinatal Journal 2016;24(1):v. DOI: 10.2399/prn.16.0241000

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Cihat Şen,
Murat Yayla,
Oluş Api

  1. Perinatoloji Dergisi

Cihat Şen, Perinatoloji Dergisi, [email protected]

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Manuscript Received: March 12, 2016

Manuscript Accepted: April 02, 2016

Earlyview Date: July 11, 2016

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As you know, Perinatal Journal, which has been the collaborative publication of Perinatal Medicine Foundation, Turkish Perinatology Society and Turkish Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has been published for 23 years as the first and only scientific journal in its field in Turkey, has been offering only electronic version of the journal in English as of 2005 with a separate ISSN. While this publication, which completed its tenth year, is addressing to international readers and researchers, it enables full text to be read internationally instead of offering access to only abstracts, and therefore making it possible to be cited. We are about the reach quarter-century in our history with a separate printed version of Turkish translations of journal content by publishing simultaneously with the title of Perinatoloji Dergisi for a decade.
Publication ethics, evaluation periods, timely publication, and the ratio among reviews, research articles and case reports are regarded with great attention to help our journal, which is published as open access in both versions, to take place in the international platforms. Scientific advisory board consists of national and international peer reviewers. The articles submitted are evaluated by at least two peer reviewers. Article evaluation and early view periods do not exceed 3–4 months as of 2015. In 2015, the rate for publication per submission was 58% and the rate of published article/case report was 81%. Since last year, we have been publishing the reports of workshops held by the study groups of the Society and practice guidelines which have become consensus.[1,2] Guideline for the ‘Assessment of Thyroid during Pregnancy’[2] prepared by Perinatal Thyroid Study Group was the first of them. ‘Guideline for Diabetes and Diagnosis and Treatment during Pregnancy’ prepared by the Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group of Turkish Perinatology Society will be published in the next issue.
In terms of our congress and course activities, as you know, the efforts of the Executive Committees of the Foundation and Society for long years finally brought results last year and it was decided to host World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Istanbul in April 2017. It will obviously contribute to the promotion of the scientific platform of Turkey by holding this biennial congress in our country. The preparation works have been done at full speed for the organization of this congress, with which national and international researchers will come together and share knowledge and social activities as well as scientific activities will be offered.
Our basic ultrasonography, antenatal examination and perinatal courses for physician assistants and attending physicians organized by our Society and Foundation have been held at the central office of our Foundation and various cities in Anatolia every month. You can visit for the program contents of Ian Donald Advanced Course and World School of Perinatal Medicine.
We would like express our thanks for the interests of our readers and researchers shown for our Journal and for the devoted assessments of our scientific peer reviewers, and wish you successful academic studies.
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  2. Perinatal Thyroid Study Group. Guideline for the assessment of thyroid during pregnancy. Perinatal Journal 2015;23:201–4. [CrossRef